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SkyIntegrator Class Reference

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Public Types


Public Member Functions

virtual std::string getName () const
virtual std::string getSettings () const
virtual std::string getShortName () const
virtual colorA_t integrate (renderState_t &state, ray_t &ray) const
TYPE integratorType ()
virtual bool preprocess ()
virtual bool render (imageFilm_t *imageFilm)
virtual void setProgressBar (progressBar_t *pb)
void setScene (scene_t *s)
 this MUST be called before any other member function!
 SkyIntegrator (float sSize, float a, float ss, float t)
colorA_t skyTau (const ray_t &ray, float beta, float alpha) const
colorA_t skyTau (const ray_t &ray) const
virtual colorA_t transmittance (renderState_t &state, ray_t &ray) const

Static Public Member Functions

static integrator_tfactory (paraMap_t &params, renderEnvironment_t &render)

Protected Attributes

std::string integratorName
std::string integratorShortName
std::string settings
TYPE type

Private Attributes

float alpha
float alpha_m
float alpha_r
float b_m
float b_r
float scale
float sigma_t
float stepSize
float turbidity

Detailed Description

Definition at line 35 of file SkyIntegrator.cc.

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