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imageFilm_t Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  filterType { BOX, MITCHELL, GAUSS, LANCZOS }

Public Member Functions

void addDensitySample (const color_t &c, int x, int y, float dx, float dy, const renderArea_t *a=0)
void addDepthSample (int chan, float val, int x, int y, float dx, float dy)
void addSample (const colorA_t &c, int x, int y, float dx, float dy, const renderArea_t *a=0)
bool doMoreSamples (int x, int y) const
void drawRenderSettings ()
void finishArea (renderArea_t &a)
void flush (int flags=IF_ALL, colorOutput_t *out=0)
bool getUseParamsBadge ()
 imageFilm_t (int width, int height, int xstart, int ystart, colorOutput_t &out, float filterSize=1.0, filterType filt=BOX, renderEnvironment_t *e=NULL, bool showSamMask=false, int tSize=32, imageSpliter_t::tilesOrderType tOrder=imageSpliter_t::LINEAR, bool pmA=false, bool drawParams=false)
void init (int numPasses=0)
void initDepthMap ()
bool nextArea (renderArea_t &a)
void nextPass (bool adaptive_AA, std::string integratorName)
void setAAParams (const std::string &aa_params)
void setAAThreshold (CFLOAT thresh)
void setClamp (bool c)
void setCustomString (const std::string &custom)
void setDensityEstimation (bool enable)
 Enables/Disables a light density estimation image.
void setGamma (float gammaVal, bool enable)
void setIntegParams (const std::string &integ_params)
void setInteractive (bool ia)
void setNumSamples (int n)
 set number of samples for correct density estimation (if enabled)
void setProgressBar (progressBar_t *pb)
void setUseParamsBadge (bool on=true)
 ~imageFilm_t ()

Protected Attributes

std::string aaSettings
bool abort
int area_cnt
bool clamp
int completed_cnt
bool correctGamma
std::string customString
int cx0
int cx1
int cy0
int cy1
 storage for z-buffer channel
yafthreads::mutex_t densityImageMutex
 storage for z-buffer channel
yafthreads::mutex_t depthMapMutex
int dpHeight
 height of the rendering parameters badge;
 render parameters badge image
bool drawParams
bool estimateDensity
float * filterTable
double filterw
tiledBitArray2D_t< 3 > * flags
 flags for adaptive AA sampling;
float gamma
int h
 rgba color buffer
yafthreads::mutex_t imageMutex
std::string integratorSettings
bool interactive
volatile int next_area
int nPass
int nPasses
int numSamples
yafthreads::mutex_t outMutex
bool premultAlpha
bool showMask
bool split
yafthreads::mutex_t splitterMutex
double tableScale
int tileSize
imageSpliter_t::tilesOrderType tilesOrder
int w

Detailed Description

Definition at line 54 of file imagefilm.h.

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