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tiledIntegrator_t Class Reference

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Public Types


Public Member Functions

virtual void cleanup ()
virtual std::string getName () const
virtual std::string getSettings () const
virtual std::string getShortName () const
virtual colorA_t integrate (renderState_t &state, diffRay_t &ray) const =0
TYPE integratorType ()
virtual void precalcDepths ()
virtual void prePass (int samples, int offset, bool adaptive)
 Called before the proper rendering of all the tiles starts.
virtual bool preprocess ()
virtual void preRender ()
 Called before the render starts and after the minDepth and maxDepth are calculated.
virtual void preTile (renderArea_t &a, int n_samples, int offset, bool adaptive, int threadID)
 Called brfore each tile is rendered.
virtual bool render (imageFilm_t *imageFilm)
virtual bool renderPass (int samples, int offset, bool adaptive)
virtual bool renderTile (renderArea_t &a, int n_samples, int offset, bool adaptive, int threadID)
virtual void setProgressBar (progressBar_t *pb)
void setScene (scene_t *s)
 this MUST be called before any other member function!

Protected Attributes

int AA_inc_samples
int AA_passes
int AA_samples
float AA_threshold
float iAA_passes
 Inverse of AA_passes used for depth map.
std::string integratorName
std::string integratorShortName
float maxDepth
 Inverse of max depth from camera within the scene boundaries.
float minDepth
 Distance between camera and the closest object on the scene.
std::string settings
TYPE type

Detailed Description

Definition at line 11 of file tiledintegrator.h.

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